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Coil coating line

Origoni Zanoletti is a coil coater serving the market. The coil coating line, situated in Italy, manufactures pre-coated rolled steel and aluminum for applications in architectural, transportation and industrial products. Virtually any color, gloss, paint kind and design can be pre-coated in widths up to 1500 mm.

Coil Coating is a pre-painting process by which the metal is unwond, painted and rewound as a coil.

The painted steel or aluminum coil is than sent to internal finishing lines for further processing into narrow strips, sheets, blanks, corrugated sheets, etc.

Finally duly packed and transported.

The line carries out complete paint coating process ( pretreatment, primer and topcoat ).

Our painted product make the difference.

Key features of the products

  • Excellent surface finish
  • Constant color shades
  • High Degree of flatness
  • Burr free slit edges

Key features of the coating line

  Steel Aluminium
Gauge 0,30 to 1,5 mm 0,60 to 1,5 mm
Width 800 to 1500 mm 800 to 1500 mm
O.D. max. 1450 mm max 1450 mm
Max coil weight 10 ton 4.5 ton
Length 700 lm 700 lm
Production Lot 5-10 ton 2-4 ton


All RAL colors are possible to obtain as well as matching of customized color. All panting systems can be required on both sides.