Arched (cambered) metal covers

Armadillo System®

The system is set on our OR 20, OR 30 and OR 40 profiles.

The soffits of all models can be protected by the VapORstop® anti-condensation cloth


The system is made in the following versions:

  • full-hard (extra hard for covers), untreated and prepainted aluminium
  • untreated and prepainted long-life galvanised steel
  • untreated and prepainted long-life stainless steel
  • Untreated and pre-patinated copper
  • Untreated and pre-patinated titanium zinc (Zintek)

Possible processing

The profiles can be curved according to a design, as specified below:

  • OR 20: exclusively for corrugating with minimum range of 500 mm (both positive and negative)
  • OR 30: for roller levelling with minimum range of 6 m; for corrugating (only positive) with minimum range of 800 mm
  • OR 40: for corrugating (only positive) with minimum range of 800 mm.
Technical features
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