Condensation treatments

VapORstop®: application of film to stop the condensation

VapORstop®: integrated system of corrugated sheets+ H2O anti-condensation film for covers and plugging for residential and industrial buildings.

Condensation in the soffits of metal covers has always limited the use of corrugated sheet metal in environments subject to this phenomenon.

Our company has installed a system for applying VapORstop® film to the corrugated sheets soffit. It can absorb up to 900 g of condensate per m2 of surface and then release it into the environment when the conditions generating it cease.

Application to corrugated sheets

OR 20 and OR 30 series profiles made with the following base materials:

  • galvanised steel
  • prepainted galvanised steel
  • untreated aluminium
  • prepainted aluminium
  • untreated stainless steel
  • prepainted stainless steel
  • titanium zinc alloy
  • untreated copper
  • treated copper

VapORstop®, is applied to sheet metal with a side space to leave the upper overlapping corrugation free (to prevent it absorbing H2O from the exterior).

VapORstop® forms a continuous barrier inside the cover and/or the plugging against condensation drips.

VapORstop® reduces the noise caused by the cover and/or wall system.

At the sheared end of the sheet, a non-hygroscopic bridge has to be made by making a channel that is about 20 cm wide by blowing hot air from a close distance onto the anti-condensation cloth using a high temperature portable generator similar to those used to strip paint from wooden surfaces.

Technical features
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