Noise-damping treatments

RumORstop®: film application to stop the noise

RumORstop®: noise-damping corrugated sheets for ventilated covers, comfortable and long-lasting.

RumORstop® is the technological evolution of VapORstop®. Integrated system of corrugated sheets + noise-damping and anti-condensation film for covers and plugging in residential and industrial buildings.


RumORstop® absorbs condensation and significantly reduces the noise of falling rain.

Having an acoustic absorption coefficient equal to 0.31 and a H2O condensation absorption capacity of 2350 g/m2, RumORstop® is one of the best sound-damping and water-absorbing films.


RumORstop® is ideal for ventilated roofs, awnings and covers. It is recommended for all situations where noise may become an annoying source of environmental sound pollution.

Technical features

TNT technical specification of RumORstop-Plus anti-condensation and anti-noise type, applied to the soffit of the corrugated sheets

RumORstop-Plus (TNTAN S 25312)

Application to corrugated sheets

All the profiles of the Caiman System ® series made with the following base materials:

  • galvanised steel
  • prepainted galvanised steel
  • untreated aluminium
  • prepainted aluminium
  • untreated stainless steel
  • prepainted stainless steel
  • titanium zinc alloy
  • untreated copper
  • treated copper

RumORstop®, is applied to sheet metal with a side space to leave the upper overlapping corrugation free (to prevent it absorbing H2O from the exterior).

RumORstop® is an effective system for damping the noise caused by atmospheric events and an excellent system for protecting the structures at the soffit of the cover from condensation damage.

At the sheared end of the sheet, a non-hygroscopic bridge has to be created by making a channel that is about 20 cm wide by blowing hot air from a close distance onto the anti-condensation cloth using a high temperature portable generator similar to those used to strip paint from wooden surfaces.

Durability warranty

The same as for the sheet to which RumORstop® film is applied.

Available on request

  • Features, composition and properties

    unit of measurement
    standard values
    Weight (without release) g/m2
    143 DIN 53854
    Thickness (without release) mm

    2 DIN 53855


    Type of fabric
    Water absorption g/m2
    <2500 DIN 53923
    Noise absorption Db
    19 UNI-EN ISO 140/6
    Flame resistance
    Class 1 D.M.26/06/84
    Temperature resistance °C
    85  C°
    Excellent fungal resistance,
    see report 1993-1997

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