Starting after a tragic accident is possible

A new vocation in the same company: Alessandro’s moving story

A raccontarsi, in un nuovo video pubblicato sul portale INAIL, è Alessandro Stifani, verniciatore in azienda da più di dieci anni. Nel 2016 subisce un grave infortunio sul lavoro: i suoi vestiti si impigliano nel rullo di un macchinario. INAIL avvia per Alessandro un progetto di reinserimento lavorativo, pensato per gli assistiti vittime di un infortunio o di una malattia professionale.

“Failing to abide by safety standards changed my life”

That’s how his story starts. Because of his serious injuries, Alessandro would no longer be able to do his previous job. So Origoni decided to give him an office job and got in touch with Inail, the Italian Industrial Accidents Body. “Inail’s operational and organizational assistance was fundamental to getting our employee back to work. We had already decided to give Alessandro an office job” - Angelita Cannizzaro, the HR Manager explains - “we started training him for the new job. The multidisciplinary team of the Inail office for north-eastern Milan helped us both operationally and organizationally”.

The vocational training scheme devised for Alessandro. “Alessandro” - Roberto Cilia, Inail’s social worker relates - “was dragged inside a roller: the movement of the right arm and part of the foot was impaired. That is why he could no longer have worked in the painting line”. The vocational training scheme devised for Alessandro, as explained by Roberto Cilia, involved two types of initiative: setting up a new desk with the purchase of a computer, and training initiatives, with a course of professional retraining in basic IT and the use of company software.

Video of the publicity campaign “With Inail, I start work again”

Video taken from INAIL portal.

“Pleased to be with the same company, although with a different job”

"It was very important to continue to work in the same company” - the touched Alessandro says - "also because having a family, it would have been hard to start from scratch and also find a job.

I felt really appreciated by Origoni and Inail was a great help in starting this new journey."

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