Human resources at Origoni

Valuing people above all else

At Origoni Zanoletti, we are convinced that human capital will always be an essential element of productive processes.

Some people expect one day factories to be completely automated and decisions to be taken only by algorithms. The human presence will be restricted to monitoring and control functions. According to more extreme forecasts, humans will not even have that role.

But the experts who present us with these scenarios forget that machines and mathematical formulae, however sophisticated, will never have all the features that make us humans unique: imagination, inventiveness, improvisation and creativity, to mention just a few.

Different companies recognize the importance of these qualities but apply them to a limited and selective extent only in some departments. We have always wanted to use them with an open mind at all moments and in all areas of our business.

This recognition of  human value is what has enhanced our ideas, our projects and our dealings with customers and the market over the time

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