Past, present and future

The past: the strength of a family business

The origins of Origoni Zanoletti go back to the nineteenth century, when personal intuition and the drive of enterprising families contributed to the birth of modern Italian metallurgy.

The story of Italian industry, today one of the world’s ten leading economies, is not so much the story of a few illustrious names but the merits of many who laid the foundations of the SMEs - today the cornerstone of Italian manufacturing system.

We remember:

  • Luigi Origoni who in 1883, after a visit to England, launched the Zincheria Origoni in Milan, the first italian factory for protecting steel from corrosion by means of hot-dip galvanising. His business would soon extend to manufacturing pre-galvanised sheets of steel and other metals for the tinsmithing and plumbing sectors.
  • Ferdinando Zanoletti who in 1859 founded Metalli Zanoletti in Milan, soon becoming a point of reference for the metal industry throughout Italy.

In the 1980s, Zincheria Origoni was subsequently spun off to form Origoni Metalli, dedicated to the cutting and supply of strips and sheets for tinwork, industry and construction.

In 2000, Origoni Metalli spa made the wise decision to acquire Zanoletti spa, and thus the Origoni Zanoletti as we know today was founded.

Now: Innovation and empathy of modern management

Origoni Zanoletti continues to evolve in the new millennium. Darwin’s principles, which are as valid for the economy as for animal species, teach us that the companies that survive shifts within to the market are not always the strongest but those that adapt best.

In 2016, Origoni Zanoletti started up its own painting line. The company evolved from selling and supplying metal products to manufacturing pre-painted rolled metal steel.

At the same time, a team of modern executives coming from various leading companies in the industry combined the experience of a family business with innovative resources to introduce new management principles into the production process. A strong empathy with our customers makes it easy to understand their needs rapidly and fully.

It is these skills and expertise that distinguish Origoni from its competitors. In fact, Origoni does not just offer the customer the product requested for the project but involves them in a consolidated process of  co-engineering to offer a complete solution at a more competitive price and with enhanced outcomes.

Origoni Zanoletti currently controls a third of the Italian prepainted and transformed rolled steel market and exports to India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Colombia, Canada, the United States, France, Germany and Croatia.

The future: lower costs and more benefits for everyone

The future is a collective asset; it is not the privilege of the few. Origoni Zanoletti conveys this principle by developing products that do not restrict their benefits to the final user but extend them to the vast community that is involved in producing them and is affected by their use.

Our suppliers, our engineers and shopfloor workers, partners and satellite companies are part of this community. Then there are the companies that use our sheet metal in construction, industrial plants, furnishing components and household appliances. Lastly, there are all the men and women who use these objects every day directly or indirectly for professional or domestic purposes.

But how can an idea be transformed into tangible advantages for all, ranging from individuals to multinational corporations?

The response lies in three features of our production process: it is simplified, economical and has a low environmental impact.

Simplification has enabled us to reduce energy consumption and production waste whilst at the same time increasing workforce efficiency and productivity. Simplification does not just mean a cheaper product but also enables customers to intervene more easily on development and implementation to obtain solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

Our primary material is steel, the world’s most recyclable material. Offering this pre-painted with environmentally friendly paints and solvents makes the more polluting powder post-painting lines a thing of the past.

High performance, durable cheaper products also bring social advantages. In fact, we enable people to save money, make more satisfying choices and tackle environmental questions with greater optimism.

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