Zinc-Magnesium Steel

EN 10346

Magnesium zinc is a cold rolled carbon steel that is continuously coated on both sides in a hot-dip procedure.

Adding aluminium and magnesium to the zinc bath produces a metal coating that greatly increases the cathodic protection of the zinc layer.

Main applications

Magnesium zinc is distinguished by very high resistance to corrosion and excellent processability.

Owing to a wide range of base steels, from forming and pressing to structural use, it can be used in all domestic and industrial applications.


  • Reduction in thickness of zinc layer

  • Lower costs than with post-production galvanisation

  • Lower environmental impact

  • Excellent resistance to corrosion, up to 3 times greater than galvanized steel

  • Self-scarring ensures excellent protection on cut edges

  • Weight reduction

Special treatments

  • Sound-damping and condensation cloth can be applied

Technical features

  • Zinc coating: from 90 up to 200 g/m2 (including both surfaces)

  • Thicknesses: from 0.50 mm to 2.00 mm

  • Width: from 10 mm to 1600 mm

  • Surface appearance: microperforated, skin passed

  • Specific weight: 7.69 kg/m2


Coating in g/m2 and µm on both sides

Specific weight

Thickness of Zn coating

Z 150 

Z 275

Z 350

Z 450

7.10 g/m2 


µm 10 

µm 20 

µm 25 

µm 32 


Thickness of Zn+Mg coating 





6.94 g/m2 


µm 7 

µm 10 

µm 12 

µm 16 


Supply conditions

Steel quality according to processing and use:

  • Folding and profiling: DX51D + ZM

  • Pressing: DX52D +ZM

  • Deep pressing: DX53D \ DX54D \ DX56D + GZ

  • Structural uses: S220 \ S250 G \ S280 \ S320 \ S350\ S550 + ZM

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