Aluzinc® flat rolled

EN 10346

Registered trademark of Galvalange. Aluzinc® is a cold-rolled carbon steel continuously hot-coated with an alloy of aluminium and zinc.

Resistance to corrosion

The saline mist resistance tests have shown that the performance of Aluzinc® is 5 times greater than that of a product galvanised with a sacrificial coating of the same thickness.

Main applications

  • Metal covers and coatings in industrial and residential buildings

  • Sheet metalwork and rainwater drainage systems

  • External coatings of conditioning, heating systems and industrial conduits

  • Car painting systems

  • Electrical cabinets and cable ducts

  • Components of household appliances exposed to corrosion and heat (withstands up to 315°)

  • Components of systems for discharging exhaust fumes (up to 315°)

  • Floating floors

  • Components for the car industry

  • Components for transport industry (cabs, flatbeds, ...)

  • Air, oil, diesel and petrol filters

  • The prepainted version is suitable for residential and industrial buildings in which resistance to corrosion is required alongside visual appeal and long colour durability. Manufactured with the latest generation of painting cycles.

Technical features

  • Thickness: from 0.25 mm to 2 mm

  • Widths: max. 1500 mm

Supply conditions

Steel quality according to processing and use:

  • Folding and profiling: DX51D + GZ

  • Pressing: DX52D +GZ

  • Deep pressing: DX53D \ DX54D \ DX56D + GZ

  • Structural uses: S220 \ S250 G \ S280 \ S320 \ S350\ S550 + GZ

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