Electro-galvanised Steel

EN 10152

Electrogalvanised steel is a cold-rolled carbon steel that is continuously coated on both sides by electrolysis.

The coating can be applied to both surfaces owing to an electric field between two electrodes dipped in an electrolytic solution.

Main applications

Due to the limited thickness of the coating, electrogalvanised sheet metal  has an extremely regular and uniform surface ideal for painting.

  • Telecommunications

  • Motor vehicles 

  • Household appliances (refrigerators, dish washers, water heaters, etc)

Special treatments

Sound-damping and condensation cloth can be applied.

Technical features

  • Zinc coating: from 18 up to 72 g/m2 on each side

  • Thicknesses: from 0.40 mm to 3.00 mm

  • Width: from 10 mm to 1600 mm

  • Surface appearance: A or B

  • Specific weight: 7.85 kg/m2

CoatingNominal galvanising values on each sideMinimum galvanising values on each side
ZE25/25 2.5 18 1.7 12 
ZE50/50 5.0 36 4.1 29 
ZE75/75 7.5 54 6.6 47 
ZE100/100 10.0 72 9.1 65 

Supply conditions

Steel quality according to processing and use:

  • Folding and profiling: DC01 + ZE

  • Pressing: DC03 +ZE

  • Deep pressing: DC04 \ DC05 \ DC06\ DC07 + ZE

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