PVC Pre-coated metal

PVC Pre-coated products are metal substrates coated with a PVC film in both plain colours and customized colours with a wide range of decorations and finishes.

Plastic-coated are available in both smooth and embossed finishes highly resistant to bending and profiling. Further, resistance to chemical and microbiological agents makes the product suitable for the agricultural and livestock industries.


  • Consistent colour

  • Customized colour

  • Customized décor

  • Resistance to corrosion and humidity.

  • Resistance to multiple chemical and microbiological agents

  • Unsuitable for solvents, only

  • Resistance to “H” scratching

  • Fire resistance classification A2

  • Suitable for contact with foodstuffs

  • Sheet metal can be supplied with the condensation cloth

  • Product only for indoor use

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