Colaminated metal

Colaminates are metal substrates coated with PET film in plain or patterned colours suitable for many different applications.

The excellent PET adhesion to the metal substrate and the great resistance to solvents like ethyl alcohol and butyl alcohol mean that the colaminate is one of the most widely used products in home appliances, shelving, indoor walls or walls of poultry farms, where surface resistance and cleanability are highly appreciated.


  • Consistent colour

  • Customized colour

  • Customized décor

  • Can be 105/110 gloss or 30/40 matt finish

  • Great cleanability thanks to solvents resistance

  • Resistance to corrosion and humidity.

  • Resistance to “H” scratching

  • Suitable for contact with foodstuffs

  • Recyclable (does not contain PVC)

  • Sheet metal can be supplied with the condensation cloth

  • Product only for indoor use

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