Galvanized flat rolled

EN 10346

Galvanized steel is a cold rolled carbon steel that is continuously coated on both sides in a hot process (sendzimir process) with zinc that protects the steel from oxidation.

Main applications

Owing to its versatility, it is used in all residential and industrial applications where both steel toughness and zinc galvanic protection are required.

  • EN 10142: for cold forming and pressing

  • EN 10147: for structural use

Special treatments

Sound-damping and condensation cloth can be applied.

Technical features

  • Zinc coating: from 70 up to 450 g/m2 (including both surfaces)

  • Thicknesses: from 0.25 mm to 3.00 mm

  • Width: from 10 mm to 1500 mm

  • Surface appearance: microperforated, skin passed

  • Specific weight: 7.85 kg/dm^3

Supply conditions

  • Folding and profiling: DX51D + GZ

  • Pressing: DX52D +GZ

  • Deep pressing: DX53D \ DX54D \ DX56D + GZ

  • Structural uses: S220 \ S250 G \ S280 \ S320 \ S350\ S550 + GZ

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